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It’s no secret the Kardashian family loves fashion. They have a women’s clothing line called Kardashian Kollection at Sears, Dash boutiques in Los Angeles, Miami and New York, and have now launched a clothing line at Babies R Us stores called Kardashian Kids.

If you have a baby boy, though, you’re out of luck. The line is just for baby girls up to 24 months.

“I think girls’ (clothing) was easier for me to wrap my head around,” said Kourtney Kardashian while promoting the venture in New York Monday. She said she’s “obsessed with boys’ clothes” but found “it was easier to just start with girls.”

She hopes to incorporate boys’ clothing into the line in the future.

“I would love to,” Kardashian, 34, said, adding that she started shopping for her son Mason, now 4, when she was pregnant with him. She also has a daughter, Penelope, who is almost 2.

While Penelope is too little to have a say in what she wears, Kardashian said she “picks her battles” when it comes to dressing her son, who likes to pick out his own clothes and “surprise everyone and then come out and show us his outfit so it’s really cute.” But “if there’s a special occasion and I really want him to wear a suit on Christmas Eve for this or that, then he’s so far has been good about still wearing what I want.”

Kardashian would rather shop for her kids than herself. “It’s just so much more fun and there’s so much out there, but I’m really picky,” she said, adding that she loves to put outfits together for them.

Kardashian says she and her sisters, Kim and Khloe, each bring their own sense of style to the kids’ lines, with Khloe partial to leopard print, Kourtney loving butterfly motifs and Kim a fan of neutral colors.

Kardashian also gives a thumbs-up to the new Vogue magazine cover picturing Kim embraced by her husband-to-be, Kanye West.

Vogue editor Anna Wintour defended the cover in a letter to readers, saying she likes to “feature those who define the culture at any given moment, who stir things up, whose presence in the world shapes the way it looks and influences the way we see it.” Wintour called the cover “charming and touching.”

Kourtney Kardashian said she was very happy for her sister. “When she told me I was just speechless and you know she looks beautiful,” she said.

Source – NY Daily News

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Kourtney Kardashian is one of the most stylish moms we know, so it’s only fitting that she’d try her hand at designing a cute children’s clothing line for stylish little ones everywhere.

The reality star unveiled her Kardashians Kids collection yesterday at The Soho House in New York City, looking positively proud and excited to share her latest project with her doting fans.

We scored some one-on-one time with the fashionista to get the scoop on her collaboration with Babies R’ Us.

Here’s what she shared with us:

How did the Kardashian Kids line come about?
I asked my sisters if they wanted to do it with me when I was pregnant with Penelope. Kim was not pregnant yet, so Kim and Khloé were OK with it as long as I took charge. My sisters were part of the approval process, but as far as the inspiration for the first season, it was just me. Kim was more involved when we got to the summer collection.

What is your experience when it comes to designing children’s clothing?
My grandma had a kids clothing store for over 30 years called Shannon and Company, and my sisters and I used to go and work there in the summers. Then, my mom and I had a kids clothing store called Smooch for six years and I did all the buying before I even had kids. I always had a love for kids clothes, but having your own kids is a better education for what is practical. I used to buy such crazy things for the store that were so much fun, but not the most practical. I am very passionate about this though and I love working with kids clothing.

Do your kids have a strong opinion on what they wear?
My daughter doesn’t yet, but I try to let her pick certain things when I’m indecisive. Mason definitely has an opinion on what he wants to wear. He gets himself dressed every day and likes to come out and show us his outfit and we are not allowed to have a say. Sometimes I will try to sway him one way if we have to go to a birthday party or an occasion, but every day he can choose even if it’s mismatched.

Which pieces from your collection would you dress Penelope and North in?
I think Penelope would love the butterfly outfit. That’s my favorite piece. I just love it and love that style on her. I also like that it is two pieces and you can separate them and put them with different items also. For North, Kim loves really neutral stuff so the white outfit with the stars is really sweet I can also see North in the lace pants and a cute zip-up jacket.

What’s your favorite spring trend? And what are you so over?
I am so into pastels right now and I am so over the color black by the time spring comes around! I love floral prints for little girls and I love mixing prints.

Which styles do your sisters love?
Well Khloé is into leopard prints so she picked the prints for the kids line, too. She is really particular when it comes to leopard! Kim now knows the practical side to kids clothing and how it functions, so she was involved equally with me when it comes to picking buttons and snaps and what we like and don’t like. She has gone through it a little more recently with North, she will reminds me of what she loves and what can be annoying. When we go shopping, we touch the clothes to make sure the fabrics are all really soft and comfortable and nothing is itchy. The most important thing is to have everything high fashion but at an affordable price.

Has Kanye weighed in at all with the collection?
No, the boys don’t get involved. But maybe they will when we do a little boys collection!

Now that you’re working with baby clothes, does it make you want to have another baby?
I am so busy now I don’t know! It’s in God’s hands! I always love little clothes…I think they are the cutest things in the world. It makes me sad when they get bigger.

Source – E! Online

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Like father, like son in Kourtney Kardashian’s house.

While talking up the new Kardashian Kids collection at NYC’s Soho House, the mother of two revealed to E! News today that 4-year-old son Mason “defiantly has an opinion on what he wants to wear. He gets himself dressed every day and likes to come out and show us his outfit and we are not allowed to have a say.

“Sometimes I will try to sway him one way if we have to go to a bday party or occasion but every day he can choose even if its mismatched.”

Considering how Mason’s dad, Scott Disick, is ultra-particular about fashion (remember the Lord’s cane-carrying days?), his son’s penchant for clothing isn’t surprising.

Scott “had more of a say when we would dress Mason over Penelope,” Kourtney recalled. “We link up on the same taste ’cause I would dress Mason with things that Scott was into at the time.”

But it turns out that many of mom and dad’s choices for Mason are still being put to good use.

“I think that my style is similar ’cause I do the same with both kids,” Kourtney said. “I am always trying to evolve, so I like to read parenting books and things like that. I even kept some of Mason’s clothes, like little blazers, and I use them on Penelope. Even a full-suit menswear moment and do a St. Laurent look for Penelope.

“It’s different dressing them both, but I love when Penelope wears Mason’s pajamas, those pieces that are so special that are so nice to share.”

Speaking of sharing, Kim Kardashian—who according to Kourtney has become much more particular about designing kids’ clothes since becoming a mom herself—has said that baby daughter North West has worn lots of little outfits that once belonged to cousin Penelope.

Asked about what in the new Kardashian for Kids collection might suit both little girls, Kourtney pointed out a butterfly-print outfit that she would love to see her own daughter in, as well as a white onesie with silver star prints for her 9-month-old niece.

“Thats my favorite piece,” she said of the butterfly outfit. “I just love it and love that style on her. I also like that it is two pieces and you can separate them and put them with different items also. For North, Kim loves really neutral stuff, so the white outfit with the stars is really sweet. I can also see North in lace pants and a cute zip-up jacket.”

Like mother, like daughter!

“I am so into pastels, as you can tell and I am so over the color black by the time spring comes around. I love floral prints for little girls and I love mixing prints, and that’s a trend.”

But while Kourtney has loved branching out into kids’ clothing, has all this time spent around baby clothes made her consider bringing yet another baby into the family?

“I am so busy now, I don’t know,” she admitted. “It’s in God’s hands! I always love little clothes. I think they are the cutest things in the world. It makes me sad when [kids] get bigger.”

Her advice for fellow super-busy mothers such as herself is “just to be present and just be in the moment as much as you can.”

As for herself, Kourtney knows that the key is to set boundaries between home and work.

“I usually have a no-weekend work rule where I won’t do anything except stay at home and be with the family,” she said. “Set my boundaries and know that [the kids] are my priority.”

Source – E! Online

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Hey everybody! As you all know, Kourtney stopped by “Good Morning America” yesterday morning (March 24) to promote the “Kardashian Kids” collection. I have finally gotten around to screen capping the interview. So you can now check out 159 HD screen captures of Kourtney in the photo gallery. If you missed the interview, you can check it out here. Enjoy!

Gallery Link
Screen Captures > Talk Shows > Kourtney > 2014 > Mar 24 – Good Morning America

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Hey everybody! I just updated the photo gallery with 3 outtakes of Kim and Kanye from their April 2014 spread in “Vogue” magazine. The outtakes are absolutely beautiful, don’t you think? This is probably one of my all time favorite Kim shoots. Enjoy!

Gallery Link
Studio Photoshoots > Kim Kardashian > Photoshoots from 2014 > Set 001

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From London to Paris to Los Angeles, Hamish Bowles joins Kim Kardashian and Kanye West in their quest for world domination—and the perfect wedding dress.

The fast-cooling Los Angeles afternoon air is filled with the scent of eucalyptus and mimosa, the gurgle of water as it tumbles down a fountain wall into a picture-perfect azure pool, the exultant strains of Pharrell Williams’s “Happy,” and a chorus of “Old MacDonald Had a Farm,” performed in unhappy a cappella by Annie Leibovitz and Kris Jenner.

The frantic warblings of this unlikely duo are intended to entertain the geographically named North West, perched between her father, Kanye West, creative polyglot, and his fiancée, North’s mother, Kim Kardashian, cultural phenomenon—or Kimye, as the media has dubbed the telegenic pair while it relentlessly tracks their every move. North (“Kanye’s side of the family calls her Nori,” says Kim) is poised on her mother’s knee, a knee that is currently enveloped in a fall of Lanvin satin the color and consistency of double cream, fashioned by Alber Elbaz into a wedding dress of fifties haute couture magnificence. The dress is a fitting complement to Kim’s voluptuous movie-star beauty, with her flashing Ava Gardner looks and Sophia Loren figure that have helped to establish a new contemporary body paradigm after an era of waifs.

Small wonder that Kim idolizes Elizabeth Taylor, whom she first became aware of as a supportive friend of Michael Jackson. Taylor once lent Kim her Cleopatra cape for a photo shoot, and Kim conducted Taylor’s last interview (by phone and e-mail), about her legendary jewels. “Everything seemed so selfless for her,” Kim remembers. “We talked about the jewelry and how it ultimately didn’t belong to her; she just wanted to help people.” When Taylor’s estate was sold to benefit the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation, Kim even acquired some of those jewels herself. She also went to look at Taylor’s house. “It was just so enchanting,” she remembers, “with a garden with really pretty trellises and beautiful roses, but it wasn’t realistic for me to purchase. It only had a one-car garage.”

Although North has inherited her father’s furrowed, quizzical brow, the pretty ten-month-old who is the focus of all this attention seems an island of preternatural serenity in the roiling sea of frenetic activity that is la vie Kimye.

North’s parents have already involved her in their creative lives. “I take pictures of her all the time and dress her up,” says Kim. “I put Kanye’s big chains around her, and I put a little Louis bag and some Jordans, and I was like, ‘What up, Daddy?’ ” Kanye, meanwhile, has made an adorable little stop-frame video of North caught in her natural movements that he’s edited to make it appear as if she’s break-dancing.

“Anybody need anything?” asks the agelessly glamorous, apricot-skinned Kris, fluttering eyelashes as thick, long, and lustrous as a hummingbird’s wings. “Water? Vodka? Get on my train!” she laughs. “Just kidding!” Kris (who, as Kim notes, “goes by the name of Lovey, not Grandma!”) is an astute businesswoman and an executive producer of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, now in its eighth season. Her home office is stacked with Kardashian product and magazine spreads—there is even a framed copy of her estranged husband Olympic gold medalist Bruce Jenner’s 1979 GQ cover.

When Kim was an impressionable little girl, she remembers, her fashion-mad mom “would always wear really tight—she was into Vicky Tiel, Moschino, or Chanel—with huge Moschino heart earrings. She had an amazing body and was always so in shape. One time Kourtney and I sat in my mom’s closet—we must’ve been eight or nine—and we were like, ‘If Mom dies, we’re going to write down who gets what.’ We went through every last piece of her wardrobe. We were so mean then!”

To read the full article from the April issue, get it at newsstands or download the digital edition here.

Source – Vogue

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Kourtney Kardashian made an appearance earlier this morning on “Good Morning America” to promote the “Kardashian Kids” collection. You can check out her interview below, as well as an article to along with it. Screen captures will be up soon. Enjoy!

Fashion powerhouses Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian have dazzled on “Good Morning America” with their women’s designs, but now they’re drawing inspiration from the newest additions to their family, going “small” with their latest Kardashian Kollection called Kardashian Kids.

“When I was pregnant with her [Penelope], I said let’s do a kids clothing line,” Kourtney, 34, explained of how the Kardashians’ latest and littlest clothing line came to be. “Kim wasn’t even pregnant with North. They were kind of like, ‘OK, if you want to take over.’ So with this first collection I definitely took charge.”

Kourtney’s biggest concern for the clothing line “was to make it high-fashion, but affordable,” she said, because “they go through it so quickly.”

But the new line of baby clothes for girls 0 to 24 months, which launched March 15 at Babies “R” Us, isn’t the only fashion-focused Kardashian venture making headlines lately.

Kim and Kanye’s highly-publicized cover on the April edition of “Vogue” has generated some backlash in the social media world as many critics seemed to think the couple is simply not worthy of the cover of fashion’s most coveted magazine.

However Kourtney has been too preoccupied to even hear about it.

“I haven’t seen any reaction,” the eldest sister simply said. “I’ve literally been unpacking.”

“But,” she continued, “I don’t hear about any news. I’m kind of like the last to hear about anything. I posted it on my Instagram and saw these amazing responses and stuff and I’m so happy for her.”

“I think it’s beautiful.”

As for the drastically different family dynamic with Bruce Jenner and matriarch, Kris Kardashian, having split up, Kourtney maintains “Everyone’s great,” although admitting “there have been a lot of changes lately.”

“But it’s been good. All positive changes,” Kourtney said of what viewers can expect to see on the upcoming season of E!’s “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.” “It goes with the territory when we film. There’s highs and lows and we show all of those moments and we always have. But everything’s kind of turning more positive, I would say.”

Source – ABC News: Good Morning America

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Kourtney Kardashian was spotted earlier this morning (March 24) in New York City heading into the “Good Morning America” studios for her appearance to promote the “Kardashian Kids” collection. You can check out 7 candid photos in our photo gallery. You can also check out the interview and screen captures, which I will be uploading in just a bit. Enjoy!

Gallery Link
Candid Photos > Kourtney Kardashian > Candids from 2014 > Mar 24 – Arriving at “Good Morning America” Studios

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Kourtney Kardashian was spotted at LAX Airport in Los Angeles earlier (March 24) catching a fight to New York City with her boyfriend Scott. You can check out 16 HQ photos in the photo gallery. Enjoy!

Gallery Link
Candid Photos > Kourtney Kardashian > Candids from 2014 > Mar 24 – Arriving at LAX Airport with Scott

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Kim Kardashian’s dream of landing on the cover of Vogue is finally a reality.

“She’s thrilled about it—completely over the moon,” a source close to the 33-year-old reveals to E! News about her beautiful cover and spread with fiancé Kanye West. “For her, this is a dream come true.”

As for those who are unhappy with the Kimye cover—ahem Sarah Michelle Gellar—Kim “doesn’t spend time worrying about the haters.”

“She’s not stressing about the backlash, she honestly doesn’t pay attention to stuff like that,” the source says.

obody knew that the A-listers was appearing in the fashion magazine and the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star “kept this really close to the vest.”

“She didn’t tell anyone it was coming,” the source adds. “Everyone found out with the rest of the world. But everyone’s really excited for her.”

The superstar couple happily tweeted after the fashion magazine unveiled their cover, Kim excitedly said it was a “dream come true,” while Kanye simply stated “TRILL, Thank you @voguemagazine.”

The April issue featuring North West’s mom and dad hits stands March 31 and is available on March 24 as a digital download.

Source – E! Online

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